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We Ship Worldwide!

iStar is the largest Digital TV Reception equipment manufacturer and one of 10 largest in middle-east as ISTAR Tech and Satellite Systems by proof of National Trade Center.

Our branch is located in the United States, in which products are shipped worldwide.

All receivers have one or more than a six months warranty.

iStar deals with most competitive markets in the world, and our products are very well known in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East markets, use the latest technology to enhance operations and we have an exceptional after-sales care service. 

We professionally produce OEM/ISTAR labeling, provide the best service, and shipping according to our customers’ requirements.

We have the best shop in the world for iStar receivers and Online TV.

You can find all you require with us, iStar Online tv, iStar Receiver, iStar Accessories, you will be guaranteed the best prices.

Istar Provides You 3200 Channels Of Nine Different Languages


اشتراك مجانا لمدة 12 شهر

12 مانگ هاوبه‌شی به‌خۆرایی 


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